Domain Name Tips
Obviously the actual name of your agency is the best choice. A domain name ending in .com is also preferable.

If your agency name has been taken your phone number may work. Chances are your clients have already memorized the number and if they haven't people are conditioned to remember phone numbers.

You can also try hyphens, while may not be available may be.
Go here to use an existing Domain Name
Step 1 search for an available domain name.

Finding the perfect domain can be a challenge. The biggest criteria for a domain name should be it is easy to remember.

Most of your clients know you by your name. in the event that your name is difficult to spell we recommend that you try variations or abbreviations of your name. For instance:

Fred Piatzo Insurance - try -

Also you can try your phone number - If your name is John Allen Doe try -
 e.g. SmithAgency
.com .net .org
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The Internet is here to stay!

Your clients will appreciate your agency having a web site where they can find essential info such as phone and fax numbers. Your web site also empowers you to link to the various companies you offer.



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